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How to root HTC Aria / Liberty / Intruder on AT&T, and install Amazon Android Marketplace (appstore)

Browse Amazon’s Appstore This will give you a brief overview on How to Root the HTC Aria, aka HTC Intruder (A6366), it is easier then it looks! Alright as most of you know, At&t, and the HTC Aria, along with several others, are very difficult to root. let alone enable third party installs. However, The … Continue reading

HP Nettle Motherboards unstable

I’ve been seeing a trend with the hp Nettle 8 motherboards, I have had two or three come in with a full load of ram, and exhibit random crashes, boot issues, and being in general unstable. In most cases, I have had to replace the motherboard in order to resolve the issues. — Update Monday … Continue reading