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Amazon Appstore for Android – Free app of the – Anipet Marine Aquarium Live

Aww. fishies for my phone, I hope they don’t void the warranty

Windows XP – High contrast can make IE8 Websites appear disabled

Windows XP, and the High Contrast Setting in control panel accessibilities, can cause weird problems to appear in web pages.

Amazon App Store: Free app of the day ezPDF Reader

free pdf reader for free! really what more needs to be said about that!

Amazon App store Free App of the day – Solitaire MegaPack!

Sweet, more solitaire then anyone could ever want in a day!

Amazon App Store – Free App – PewPew2

Alright this is just to funny. see, I’ll be sitting on the couch, and I’ll often look over at my wife, make the finger gun, and say pew pew pew. making fun of myself and the scifi shows I watch! so this instantly means I’ll be downloading this app and playing it in front of … Continue reading

Amazon Android App Store – Getting started on AT&T Devices

First lets side load Amazon App Store Goto Download.com and download Android Injector Once you have downloaded and installed Android Inject from the above link Then download the amazon apk from here Amazon Appstore APK file to your desktop or downloads directory. Connect your phone via USB to your pc, launch android injector, and install … Continue reading

Amazon App Store App of the Day: Picsay Pro

Great app, edit your pics, add word/text balloons, change colors, fix red eye.  fast, and easy to use.  couldn’t ask more from a free app! Send it to  your phone – Picsay Pro

Amazon App Store: Free Daily App Backbreaker Football

Today I installed the free app of the day, Backbreaker Football from the Amazon Appstore onto my HTC Aria (rooted) pretty simple concept, tilt the phone to tell the runner which way to go to dodge the tackles, get points for style, and repeat, its done in waves, and your viewpoint is from behind the … Continue reading