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Amazon App Store : Plants vs. Zombies – Incompatible device!

I attempted to download the Free Plants vs. Zombies from Amazon Appstore, and it is telling me currently not compatible for my Android O/S on HTC Aria with 2.2. Because it needs a wifi download. However, the catch is I am currently connected to WIFI. UPDATED:  Login to Amazon Appstore from your p.c. or even … Continue reading

how to dim led on dell laptops

If you are looking to brighten or dim the led/lcd screen on your laptop, most dell’s, well any laptop, will have a circle with ridges in blue either on their left and right arrow keys. In order to change the brightness up or down, you hold down the key, then the appropriate function key with … Continue reading

Well I have scoured the web, and still haven’t found out if Angry Birds Rio will be an early June release or a Mid-Month release! lets cross our fingers for an early release, I chewed up the May release in no time, just like Bowser ate all the beach balls! Related articles Angry Birds pushed back … Continue reading

Dim Laptop LED Screen – F1 or F8 Fuse just below the motherboard video connector

looks to have a blown component but its not a fuse. _____________________________________UPDATE January 2013_______________________ For those looking for assistance on finding the fuse on Various models, Please provide photos near the LCD Connecter, but also near where the power charger plugs in. I am seeing the possibility that some fuses may be located over near … Continue reading

Extinction – B.V. Larson

Extinction, the Second Book in the Star Force Series, by B.V. Larson. An Entertaining read, with great strategy interspersed throughout, as the second book in the series, you find Larson, getting better at not rushing through some of his action, and finding better ways to flesh it out. In his first book of the series, … Continue reading

boot htc intruder in recovery mode

In order to boot the HTC Intruder into recovery mode. 1. Power off your HTC Intruder / Aria 2. Hold the Volume button 3. Press Power button. 4. Voila , you are in recovery mode. search: “htc aria amazon hboot”

TweetCaster Pro! Free Amazon app of the day!

TweetCaster Pro, what can I say, if you like twitter, but don’t like the garbage, this tweetser pro will help you, well, look like a pro, when it comes to managing your twitter account! Click the Birdy to get flying today!

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Amazon.com: Appstore for Android – The Impossible Game

Amazon.com: Appstore for Android. Today’s free app of the day The Impossible Game The Impossible Game by FlukeDude Ltd    (39)

Chuzzle Free Amazon Appstore app of the day

Popcap Games has decided to launch two of their most popular games on the Amazon Appstore, exclusive only on Amazon for the next two weeks. Today we get Chuzzle those lovely adorable creatures that well. I’m not sure what they do yet because I haven’t actually played it!

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how do i reset my password lock on my SGH-A877 phone? i forgot it…you will have to reset your phone without a sim in it by typing *#2767*2878# or *#9998*3855#

AT&T : How Do I Reset My SGH-A877 (Impression) Phone?

How Do I Reset My SGH-A877 (Impression) Phone? To reset the handset, to the factory default settings, follow the steps below: From the standby screen, press Menu Press Settings Press Reset Settings Press on any of the following to check their boxes: All: Sound Profiles, Display & Light, Phone and Alarm settings will be returned … Continue reading

Angry Birds Rio – May update Released Finally!

Yes Folks The May Update has arrived you can play on the beach, and watch for the suprise on the last level! Product Features Let the feathered artillery fly! Three fantastic episodes and 90 exciting levels await Play through Rio-themed levels with a mixture of strategy, skill, and brute force Put your Angry Birds skills … Continue reading

Guns N Glory – Free Amazon App of the Day!

Guns ‘n’ Glory knows you do. So here’s your chance: Become a stone-cold outlaw. Choose from Deadwood-era Dakota, Wyatt Earpp’s New Mexico, or frontier Mississippi, Nevada, or Oregon locales for your evil doings. Ride into a dusty outpost and hire your own gang of riflemen, rustlers, braves, and bandits. Stake out the high ground and … Continue reading