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Recipe: Perfect Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers!

Immature jalapeno capsicum annuum var annuum

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The secret to Perfect Jalapeno Poppers! is the seeds.

Do you want to impress your guests with the rich creamy bacony deliciousness of a properly made Jalapeno Popper! Or are you hoping to send your dinner guests screaming for any source of liquid refreshment they can find, when your poppers go horribly wrong.

0.  Start your BBQ

1. First, get an old style potato peeler, walmart .79 cents, no really, these work the best.

2. Then chop off the top.

3. Use the Potato Peeler to core the Jalapeno, get ALL the seeds.
3a. Rinse in the sink under running water in order to get any malingering seeds!!

4. Stuff with cream cheese to your hearts content! (what kind of cream cheese to make jalapano poppers? Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the only way to go)
4a. you can use the flavored kind, that adds an interesting twist.

5. Get your toothpicks out first (avoids contamination), then seperate and set out your bacon.

6.  No matter the size of the Jalapeno, each one gets a full slice of bacon, don’t skimp, your friends will know if you do!

7. Wrap top to bottom, twisting one half turn at the bottom in order to cover all sides.  Then pin with 1 toothpick.

8. Place on the grill, with charcoal pushed to the sides, in the bowl style, or pour your briqcuets on either side of the barrel style, placing the jalapenos in the Middle.  This will allow for convection style cooking, allowing all sides to cook a little more evenly, if you feel the bottoms are cooking a little to fast, you can always put a sheet of tinfoil on the lower rack in order to shield a bit more from direct heat.

9.  Wait about 20 minutes(depending on grill temperature, this is based on between 300-325ish) before checking the first time.  when the skin starts to crinkle all over they are almost ready, if you are looking to get out as much spice heat as possible wait another 5 to 10 minutes.

Enjoy!!! come back and leave a comment if you try this!



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