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mSecure – Password Manager – Amazon Free app of the day!

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Product Description
mSecure - Password Manager

Label your secured data
Account samples
Password and Data Security

mSecure is a password and data manager that offers a convenient, secure solution to storing sensitive information on your Android device.

mSecure stores sensitive data, like web logins and passwords, credit card numbers, frequent flyer IDs, and any other data you want to access quickly from your mobile device. Using an industry-proven data encryption method, your information is safe guarded in case your device is misplaced or stolen.


mSecure comes with 17 predefined categories for data, such as Web Logins, Credit Cards, Email Accounts, and Frequent Flyer Numbers, to make using mSecure quick and painless. A password generator yields strong passwords. The search field makes it easy to find any particular record. Add your own custom information fields as well; each category can have an unlimited number of fields and an icon of your choosing. Included are 115 unique icons for you to choose from. A self-destruct feature will delete your data after a number of failed login attempts. Forget your information? Use the hint feature to jog your memory.

Sync with your PC

You can sync this application with mSecure for Windows or Mac, which requires a separate software purchase.

 mSecure - Password Manager


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