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Keep That Car Running

Car Maintenance Reminder Pro helps you to track the service records of your cars, including oil change, tire rotation, change of engine or cabin air filter, and annual state inspection. Using this app’s intuitive system of statistics and reminders, you can significantly improve the reliability and performance of your car.

Keep Track of Fuel Costs

Now more than ever, it’s important to know how much you’re spending on gasoline. With its fuel logging function, Car Maintenance Pro generates useful statistics about MPG, gas price, driving distance per day, volume per fill up, and cost per day. It also provides ten graphical charts (Android OS 2.0.1 and up) for detailed and clear reports of your car’s mileage, fuel economy, and costs.

Maintenance Maven

For the maintenance reminder function, Car Maintenance Reminder Pro provides comprehensive logging and reminders for almost all regular car services based on both mileage and dates, such as oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, air filter change, coolant flush, transmission fluid change, brake pad change, timing belt replacement, annual inspection, and spark plug replacement.


Keep track of all your cars

Choose what you want to display
Never Forget a Car Inspection

Create your own customized service reminders and write notes about your cars, such as part number, state registration, appointment time, and your mechanic’s phone number. With just a glance at your phone, you have all your car’s service records at hand. Notifications on your Android device’s status bar automatically show up to remind you when a service is due within a week or 200 miles. You’ll never miss another needed maintenance.

Go With The Pro

Exclusive features for the Pro version include the ability to add an unlimited number of cars, the option to restore data from the SD card, and no advertisements and no internet connection required. If you’re serious about keeping your car in good mechanical condition, and you’d just as soon avoid getting tickets for expired inspections, you’ll want Car Maintenance Pro on your smartphone.


Customize maintenance schedule


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