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Pocket Salsa: Amazon Appstore Free App of the day

Just because you can-can, doesn’t mean you should. The Pocket Salsa though it seems interesting may just be a little to geeky for the dance floor, are you sure you would want to be seen whipping out the pocket salsa just before asking that lady to dance? But for those that would here’s the details below!Pocket Salsa
Download your favorite videos to watch when you’re at the studio or in your living room
View high quality videos that walk you and your partner through Salsa moves step by step

So you and your sweetie are quite the jitterbugs. You’re aces at Lindy Hop, you tap like Fred and Ginger, and you can glide through any ballroom when waltzing, but you’re looking for another challenge. Something spicier. Maybe even sexier. It’s time to try the taste of Salsa.Pocket Salsa

Grab a Partner and Learn to Salsa

Whether you and your partner hit the dance studio daily or you’ve never done more than fumble through a rhythm action video game, you can step into Pocket Salsa with ease. It contains over 100 easy-to-follow Salsa lesson videos with moves that you can watch, study, and practice anywhere you take your Android device.

Moves from Mild to Muy Caliente

Pocket Salsa offers lessons from beginning- to advanced-level to get you on the dance floor with confidence. The Addicted2Salsa teaching methodology makes it easy to start learning and helps you become a capable dancer quickly. Most lessons require two people, but you can learn the basics and the rhythm on your own.

In between watching videos, listen to the Practice Rhythms like the Basic Clave, 3-2 Clave w/ Tumbao, Trumpet Solo, and Electric Guitar Solo to learn the various clave patterns. Don’t have a partner at the moment? Commit these to memory so that you’ll feel the rhythm the next time you team up. If you don’t have any Salsa music for accompaniment, you can even dance to these samples by themselves.

Save Your Faves

Trying to learn some footwork and kick shines? Don’t quite have those hand flicks and turns down? Download the video lessons that you are working on mastering right now so you can view them even when you don’t have a network connection. Just tap the star next to the video, and the video will download to your SD card.

More Salsa dance lesson videos are continually added in the Podcast section. You can also learn more by going to the Addicted2Salsa website.

Pocket Salsa



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