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MMC Snap-in could not be created – Windows Server 2008

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Recently my boss installed Quickbooks Premier 2011 onto our Windows Server 2008.  Immediately after horrible horrible things occured.

Quickbooks web connector failed to connect.  Coastal’s ESC could no longer connect to the quickbooks file etc.

Then when we launched Windows Server Backup, we saw the dreaded, MMC Snap-in could not be created. UGH.

Then I went and launched wbadmin, to do a system state restore nope file structure or directory corrupt.

Wait did it get worse YES!  so I reboot, load Windows Server Install disk in order to do a full system restore.

This also failed.  Element not found xxxxx.

I then find out this means, that if you had a Windows based mirror, that you backed up full back ups from, with multiple partitions, that it wouldn’t restore because of some bullshit, that it didn’t think the single drive was the right size to restore to. (Microsoft engineers indicated this has been fixed in Windows Server 2008 R2)

So, heres what I did. Installed windows server 2008 to a spare drive.  Run windows server backup file restore to the two critical partitions I need on a third drive.

I then boot UBCD4win, and copy all the files over the first drive, with the working bootsector, and rebooted. Voila, I’m back up and running

Part 1: part 2, tomorrow



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