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Amazon’s Arkansas Affiliates get screwed by Governer Beebe!

Arkansas government bowed to pressure from Walmart, and other stores like it, by requiring Affiliate programs to collect sales tax on sales referred by affiliates in the state.

This means, if you like a product that is sold on Amazon, and tell friends about it, and they go to Amazon.com and purchase this product, we can’t get a minor commission on this sale.  Because Arkansas State Law now considers this a sale made in the state of Arkansas.

The lost “sales tax” on a sale that is neither completed, nor shipped from this state, is so minor compared to the impact this will have on Amazon associates that have built successful blogging and review sites over the years.  In order for these individuals to overcome this they will have to move to a cyber friendly state that understands the difference between referring a product and selling a product in cyberspace.

Mark another one up for Big Business!  And be sure to thank your Governor!



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