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Open Letter to Mike Beebe, Arkansas Governor, and killer of Amazon Affiliate Program in our State

Deferred Projects vs Voter Turnout

I just wanted to Thank You for signing into law, the Affiliate killing legislature that will do absolutely nothing to bring in extra revenue to the state. By taking the time to listen to Big Business in this state, and not actually do research yourself on how this Won’t have a positive impact on the state, you have fulfilled the role of your office well.

I sincerely hope prior to signing this law into affect that you truly checked with other states to see how big of an increase they saw in sales tax revenues by implementing this law. Then go down to the Arkansas Dept. of Revenue, and have them pull all the 1099’s that Amazon sent this last year in regards to its affiliates, and that they will be required to pay income tax on. And then deduct that from any hoped for increase in local sales tax, and tell me, do you truly think Arkansas will come out ahead?

Again, THANK YOU… for protecting Big Business.

Michael S Reid



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