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Nano Panda’s: aka Linear Accelerators aren’t the only thing holding this world together!

Product Description
Pandas attract electromagnetically

Pandas attract electromagnetically
Enchanting color graphics

Enchanting color graphics

Fearsome atoms have snuck into a top-secret lab, and there’s only one hope to defeat them in this tiny, hidden world: NANO PANDAS!

Physics Can Be Phun

Nano Panda is an original puzzle app with creative physics challenges that explore electromagnetism and the simple mechanic that pandas attract each other. It also has really cute cartoon panda bears that will charm your socks off.

Animal Magnetism

Don’t let the microscopic size and adorable looks of these pandas fool you–they are fierce fighting ninjas. Gameplay involves launching your pandas from special devices and using their natural magnetism to steer them through the air.

You control the timing, direction, and curvature of the Nano Pandas as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Avoid deadly spikes and take advantage of special devices such as rotating walls and magnetic attractors to defeat all the atoms. The more efficient you are, the more stars you receive.

On your first mission, “Enter the Atom,” the puzzles start out simple. But progress through all 16 screens and it begins to get tricky. This paid version of Nano Panda also contains three other missions you can unlock as you collect more stars: “Pandamonium” (get it?), “Nanotech,” and the insanely difficult “Bamboozled.”



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