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Jenga – Android free app of the day from Amazon!

Play one of three different modes

Play one of three different modes
Incredible 3D graphics

The classic party game Jenga is now a

classic party app from NaturalMotion Games. Whether you play by yourself or with friends, you’ll have stacks of fun with this game no matter where you are.

Realistic Experience, No Splinters

Jenga for Android features some of the most stunning 3D graphics you’ll find anywhere in a mobile device app. You can see the grain of the wood, smoothly rotate around the stack a full 360 degrees, and actually see the block coming toward you as you extract it. It’s the best 3D visuals you can experience without putting on dorky glasses.

They All Fall Down

Simply slide your finger across the touchscreen to delicately maneuver the blocks. Start and stop, switch pieces, and finally make your move. Careful–one little miscue and it’s “Timmmmmber!” With the Pass-‘n’-Play mode, you can match up against as many as three of your friends and have the full party experience.

Retro or Futuristic Action

In addition to the multiplayer version, Jenga offers two single-player options, Classic and Arcade. Classic is the original brown-blocks version, while Arcade features brightly colored pieces, scoring bonuses, and special boosters that you can earn with your hard-earned gold coins. These include extra game time, wildcard blocks, and a Rewind bonus that allows you to reverse a collapse–try that with your live Jenga game!

Incredible 3D graphics

Another fun aspect of the phone app version of the game is the ability to automatically track your stats, including your times, levels, and gold coin totals. There are scoreboards for both local and global achievement, allowing you to compare your performance with the best in the world–so you better get stacking.



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