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days left widget

Keep track of important dates
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120 fun icons
Count Down to Your Destiny

Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Have you ever forgotten an important date, such as your mom or girlfriend’s birthday? Want to see when an important meeting occurs at a glance? Then Days Left Widget should be on your Android device’s home screen.

Customize the Countdown

Days Left Widget has several useful settings. Customize the countdown to mark the days, weekdays (Monday through Friday), weeks, months, or years left to the event. Add notes to the event, and you can have the notes appear on the widget. Days Widget also counts the days after an event has occurred.

Days Left Widget comes in four sizes with 10 border colors. Decorate your widget from a selection of 120 icons. Set as many widgets as you can fit on your home screen. Days Left Widget offers the option of integration with the Catch Notes app, a handy app that allows you to create text or voice notes, attach photos and geotags, set up password protection, and much more.

T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

With Days Left Widget, you’ll never miss an important event again. Set up a daily countdown to New Year’s Eve, Christmas, your birthday, or to a random day just because you like daily countdowns. Days Left Widget adds both convenience and fun anticipation to the important days in your calendar.

Please note that Days Left Widget must be launched from the Widgets menu.



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