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Paper Glider: Free App of the day!

Alright the Ultimate Big Kids App for us that use to make paper airplanes, and imagine them as model rockets with unlimited range! Product Description Highway to the Danger Zone This glider is big in Japan Come Fly with Me Prepare to soar through the sky! Paper Glider is a casual game with a simple … Continue reading

Jenga Install Shuts down phone – solution needed

I downloaded the Jenga App from Amazon App Store today, and lo and behold, I attempted to install it.  In attempting to install the application, it shut down my phone.  At first I thought it was a resource issue so I made sure and free up enough space on my phone before attempting it again. … Continue reading

Amazon App Store – Free App – PewPew2

Alright this is just to funny. see, I’ll be sitting on the couch, and I’ll often look over at my wife, make the finger gun, and say pew pew pew. making fun of myself and the scifi shows I watch! so this instantly means I’ll be downloading this app and playing it in front of … Continue reading